All coverages are per person

Base Coverage

Trip Cancellation & Interruption
up to Trip Cost*
Trip Interruption--Return Air Only
Trip Delay
$500 (Maximum of $100 per day)
Baggage & Personal Effects Loss
$500 ($50 Deductible applies)
Baggage Delay
Medical Expense
$10,000 ($50 Deductible applies)
Emergency Medical Transportation
The following non-insurance services are provided by AIG Travel Assist.
AIG Travel Assist
LiveTravel® Assistance
Business Assistant
Included only with Cancel for Work Reasons
Additional Coverages (Applicable only if appropriate additional plan cost has been paid)
Cancel for Any Reason
up to 75% of Trip Cost (must be purchased within 15 days of initial Trip deposit)
Cancel for Work Reasons
up to 100% Trip Cost (must be purchased within 15 days of initial Trip deposit)
Flight Guard®
Amount Selected (Maximum of $500,000)
Car Rental Collision Coverage
$35,000 ($250 Deductible applies)
Baggage Upgrade
$1,000 or $1,500 Baggage and Personal Effects$200 Baggage Delay
No Deductible
Primary Coverage Upgrade for Baggage & Personal Effects
Medical Expense Upgrade
$25,000 with no Deductible
$50,000 with no Deductible
Primary Coverage Upgrade for Medical Expense Amount Selected
"Hospital of Choice" Evac Upgrade
(Maximum of $1,000,000)
Coverage for Terrorism, Financial Default and Pre-x
Adventure Sport Coverage
"At Your Service" Upgrade
*Coverage only included for pre-paid Trip costs identified on the enrollment form and required plan cost has been paid. Maximum Trip cost insurable is $100,000 per person.

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